Here Are a Few Tips for Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Mia Nelson

Earning extra income for an unexpected purchase is not always an option. Working overtime or starting a second job are great long term options but are not the best immediate solution. Selling gold is one way to quickly have funds needed for a household emergency or upcoming purchase. Lump sums of cash may be needed for car repairs, insurance deductibles, medication, childcare, or household bills. Here are a few ways to find and sell gold for quick funds. 

Look for Extra Gold in Unlikely Places

Spending a day or two to thoroughly inspect a home can seem tedious. If the funds raised will be helpful to other family members, offer to look through some of their forgotten areas as well. Examples of areas to rummage through include attics, garages, and paid storage units. Attics are often a gold mine because they may contain multiple generations of keepsakes. When loved ones pass away, their items are often simply pushed away. Going through old furniture and taking out drawers is a great way to see if anything has been hidden. 

Sift Through Old Documents for Clues

Opening old documents and paperwork often reveals letters or other correspondence that point to things of value. If a family member kept a lot of books or paperwork, look for letter openers and pens that may be made of gold. Labeled boxes in garages are often from family members who have passed away or left home. Many of these boxes may contain forgotten jewelry pieces, cufflinks, watches, lighters, or kitchen items. 

Get a Quote for an Item's Value

Look for serving platters, gold platter silverware, and candlesticks that may be made of gold. Set questionable pieces that do not have any markings on them to the side. These pieces may have been fashionable at the time and look very dated. If no markings are found, but they look gold include them in items being sold. There are some fashion jewelry pieces that are made of gold. Sell gold jewelry to a reputable dealer that gives quotes. 

The quotes can be done by mailing in all items being sold if there is no brick and mortar location. When you sell your gold jewelry, pay attention to the price quoted. The shop owners often will post the current daily price of gold. Expect shop owners to give back any pieces were the quoted price was not acceptable. Unmarked pieces that turned out to not be gold can be returned.

Use these tips to sell your gold jewelry quickly. For more information, hop over to this website.