Important Facts to Help You Make Better Use of Your Loft Credit Card

Mia Nelson

If you are like most Americans, you have at least one credit card in your wallet. However, you are also less likely to have multiple cards the way that your parents and grandparents probably did. The recent recession has significantly impacted the way that credit cards are used and the amount of debt that people carry. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the pros and cons of any credit account you open and choose the one that will provides the maximum benefits to you. One popular choice is the Loft credit card.

The Loft credit card is also known as the Love Loft card. It associated with both Ann Taylor and Loft stores and provides multiple discounts to their clients.

You Will Get a Special Birthday Present

When you want to treat yourself to a special birthday present, the Loft credit card exists to help you do so. Around your birthday, expect to get a $15 birthday gift. You will be able to receive your birthday present each year that you have your account.

Easily Earn Bonus Points for Extra Savings 

Almost any credit account or store credit card offers some type of bonus program. However, after an initial purchase it can be challenging to earn enough points to make savings an actual possibility. It can also be difficult to understand how you earn points and what those points could eventually be used for.

The good news is that your Loft credit card is user friendly and provides points for redemption for future purchases in the following ways:  

  • You receive 5 rewards points for every dollar you spend at an Ann Taylor store or factory, as well as a Loft store or outlet location.
  • 2,000 points translates to a $20 credit at either of the previously mentioned stores.
  • Those points can be used for any purchase, even sale items, in-store or online.
  • There are special events that provide extra points just for shopping, periodically through the year.

In conclusion, most Americans have at least one credit card. A common problem associated with credit cards is not merely having the card, but using it in the best ways. Since your Loft credit card accrues points on all purchases and allows points to be used for sale or clearance merchandise, it is a good choice for responsible card holders. Cash is not always the best way to pay for a purchase and the use of your card can provide significant savings.